Used Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha's biggest competitor is actually a Used Yamaha Piano. That does not mean that Yamaha pianos are the best........there are many better.

However, Yamaha has produced a very good quality cookie cutter piano (priced between $8,000 to $13,000) and have also done a very good job of getting name brand recognition. Have you heard of Boston or Kawai? These pianos are just as good, but you don't know the names. So while Yamaha have done a good job of selling their name, it is also a problem for them.

It appears that in Japan people are encouraged to trade in their 20 year old piano for a new one and the problem is what do you do with all the used Yamaha pianos? A market was found by sending all these used pianos to North America (they may go other places too) because we are told the Japanese won't buy used items.

But this is a problem. The Yamaha new piano dealers find their biggest competition to be their own used pianos. So if you were a new piano dealer, what would you tell someone that is thinking of buying a used one.

How about........"Well, it's 20 - 30 years old and has been in a damp climate so if you buy it, it is going to fall apart because the glue is going to fail and the pins are going to become loose."

Or........."Yamaha pianos are prepared for their particular destination in the world, so you don't want to buy one that has come from the wrong humidity zone."

Yamaha Canada has gone so far as actually putting a label inside the piano stating that the piano was built for the North American market.

As well, some dealers and even some technicians are using psychology to scare people by calling these used pianos derogatory names like "grey market" pianos or "wet pianos".

These words make people afraid - which is their purpose.

My response to all this misleading marketing is - BALONEY! I've been selling these great used Yamaha pianos for over 15 years now. If there were problems I would have heard about it because I put a 5 year no nonsense warranty on these pianos - meaning if ANYTHING goes wrong, I fix it!

During all the time I have sold these used Yamaha pianos I have had less problems with them than with our own Canadian pianos built right here and supposedly prepared for our Canadian climate. In fact, since I started selling these pianos in 1997 I have had only 2 warranty problems........both pianos had the centers on the whippen flanges become too tight and as all technicians know that is very easy to remedy. Note I said too tight - not too loose.

So if you're looking at used Yamaha pianos from anywhere in the world, I recommend them. They should cost you about 1/2 the price of a new one. Just get at least a 2 year warranty on them.......we give a minimum of 5 years, the rebuilt ones, 10 years. As long as the dealer is reputable you will enjoy your used Yamaha piano for longer than your kids will ever need it.

If you haven't already read up on these pianos read what one of the gurus in the piano business wrote. This is a very fine technician in California who has written about "Grey Market Pianos"

1978 Yamaha U1 - 48" Upright Piano

We have one of these which has also been completely rebuilt. New Hammers, new strings, new pins - it's as good as new for half the price. Why pay over twice the price for a new one that is overpriced because of name anyway?

This is another great buy on a used Yamaha U1 piano. You simply must play these to see how great they are. Bring your technician, your piano player - but don't miss out.


Also - don't let the new Yamaha dealers scare you with fear mongering. Get the facts on what they call "Wet" or "Gray Market" pianos with a little bit of knowledge and common sense by visiting "Piano Finders"

This is a reconditioned Yamaha U2 but you'll believe it's new it is in such good condition. This piano is 50" high and has great sound and touch. Once again - 5 year warranty on parts and labour.

When we buy these used Yamaha pianos, we always buy them based on a grading scale for the body, keys, pins, action, and soundboard etc. and we always buy grade A for every component in the piano. You can not find a better used piano anywhere. These pianos are so good most people think these pianos are new.

Yamaha U3 - Top of the line Yamaha upright This is better than a baby grand because the strings are longer and the soundboard is bigger.

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