Used Pianos for Sale

Isn't this beautiful?! This is a representation of the condition of the used pianos that we generally have available.

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Why Buy a Used Piano?

You can save $100's, even $1,000's compared to new, and remember - new is used the day after it's purchased!

Our used pianos are "plums". Each is gone over personally by Paul Plumb to determine whatever is needed for each piano to be in good condition. Some require only a regulation (like a tune-up in a car) and some we go the whole nine yards and install new tuning pins, new strings, new pinblock, new hammers, and new action parts.

Our prices include a free bench, free delivery within London, one free tuning, generally a five to 10 year warranty covering all parts and labour! And if you decide you would like to sell or upgrade later on, we guarantee that we will sell it for you if you like.

We have good apartment size pianos for as low as $1,000 - 3,000. We have some great quality pianos from Yamaha, Kawai, Samick, and others for $1,500 -$5,000. And we have some excellent quality uprights and grands available from Yamaha and Kawai (they play and look like new) anywhere from $3,500 - $25,000.

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Or to see an overview of the type of pianos we generally have in stock that are used, enjoy our short video below.

Let the Buyer Beware

We all know the stories about used car salesmen - well - the piano business isn't any different. We have salespeople that will tell you anything to sell you a piano. We also have people selling pianos who know nothing about what they are selling.

I remember not too long ago going to tune a used grand piano for a lady. She had purchased it from someone she knew only from their dishonest advertising. He had a fancy store, the gift of the gab, and he could play the piano very well.

The piano was a decent quality piano worth about $3,000 less than she paid for it. As I tuned the piano I discovered that the regulation was way off and many of the parts were loose on the action. I had to spend about 45 minutes to regulate the piano before I could even tune it.

When I was done, I asked where she had purchased the piano, how much she had paid, and what sort of a warranty was included. I was not surprised by the answers she gave me and tell you this story to give you two important suggestions.

1. Before you buy a used piano from anyone - ask the local technicians about the dealer's reputation.

2. Buy locally - It's a lot easier to get warranty work done with the dealer in town - provided the dealer is trustworthy.

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Used Piano Checklist

If you want to purchase a piano privately our information on How to Buy a Good Used Piano will provide you with a general guide to make sure you get a good one. Once you have found the one you want, call us and Paul will be glad to inspect it to be sure there aren't any problems you missed.

I remember when I first became a piano technician I was called to tune a piano that some people had purchased at an auction for only $50. It cost them another $100 to get it home.

When I opened the piano up to tune it - guess what? At least 30 hammers were missing - broken off. Why an auctioneer would sell something that is broken without at least saying so is beyond me. And these people just simply didn't have the money for the repairs.

So - if you decide you want to save money by buying private or at an auction - MAKE SURE you get it inspected by a technician!

Note I said TECHNICIAN - No offense to piano teachers but most haven't the foggiest idea what goes on inside their piano.