New and Used Pianos For Sale

New Pianos

Of the pianos for sale at Plumb Pianos about one third of them are new. We don't sell the expensive ones like Steinway, Schimmel, or Bosendorfer. These pianos are for the professionals and are generally hand made with prices starting at about $10,000. However, we carry what is referred to in the piano industry as Consumer Grade Pianos. These are very good quality pianos built on a line in a factory that are much more affordable, with the latest styles and features, so you get just the right sound, touch and look you want.

With over 55 years of lessons, practice, playing, performance, teaching, tuning, fixing, and selling pianos, we feel we can give you very good advice and answer about any question you have about pianos for sale. And if you need something we don't carry - we will tell you exactly where you can buy it.

Piano dealerships hold an exclusive territory for certain pianos. In our case we are the exclusive dealer in our area for

Heintzman Crystal Piano

Heintzman Pianos

The best piano ever built in Canada is still being built to the high standards that Heintzman established about 140 years ago. A tribute to their high quality is reflected in the fact that many Heintzman pianos of 100 years ago are still being used today - and you can still get parts for them. If you're looking for a quality piano with excellent sound and touch - this could be your piano.

The piano shown to the left is the Gerhard Heintzman Crystal Edition grand piano - available as a 5', 5'6", 6'1", 6'8", and 9' long piano. This piano has a Silent Play function that allows the piano to play like normal, but instead of the strings sounding you hear it through headphones. The Crystal Piano is only built as per request.

Pearl River - The Value Leader in North America

If you're looking for great value - Pearl River is it! No piano company has as good a quality for so little in price. Pearl River is the best selling piano in North America. They are rated the same as Cable Nelson (built by Yamaha), Baldwin, and Essex (from Steinway), and rated better than Pramberger Legacy, Niemeyer, Samick, Kohler & Campbell New Yorker, Young Chang Traditional, Weber Legend, Suzuki, and a few others. And they cost less!

Casio Digital (Electronic) - Affordable Quality

Casio has more digital pianos under a $1,000 than any other manufacturer - and the touch and sound on them is incredible for the price.

I will try to keep the Casio Digital Piano page up to date. Electronic pianos change almost every year - that's one reason they can be a problem - because in 7 or 8 years you may not be able to get a part. Acoustic or 'Real' pianos I can still get parts for pianos over a 100 years old.

Right now I don't even have half of them shown.

New Acoustic Pianos

The new acoustic pianos for sale in our store carry at least a 10 year warranty - some even transferable. Transferable is important. If you decide to sell your piano in 5 years, transferable means the next owner still has a 10 year warranty. Good selling point for you.

Used Pianos

We buy, sell, rent, tune, repair, recondition, and rebuild all kinds of pianos. If you're looking for used Yamaha pianos for sale, or an apartment size piano, we always have them in stock, but I can't guarantee they're all shown on here because I'm getting old and forgetful. But to see what we do have on the net visit our

Used Pianos for Sale

Used Yamaha Pianos for Sale

Our Used Pianos in Stock

We have a variety of whatever comes our way including Yamaha pianos, Kawai, Heintzman, Young Chang, Samick, Mason & Risch, and many other pianos for sale that you perhaps never heard of. Just because you haven't heard the name doesn't mean it isn't a good piano.

However, anyone can sell used pianos and and many do, including many who don't even know a hammer from a whippen........beware of these. The best people to buy used pianos from are honest technicians. They know pianos, and understand your problem if you have one.

If the person you are dealing with can't tell you what the parts in a piano are.......don't buy from him. He obviously doesn't know anything about pianos.

Whatever we sell, most of the pianos are sold because the people have been referred to us by very happy customers, and by teachers and technicians that have come to trust us.

So I hope you will come and at least talk to me. I will do almost anything to make sure you are a happy customer.


Paul Plumb