Piano Information You Need to Know

We're not going to give you enough piano information to make you into a concert piano technician - but you do need to know enough of the basics that it's not a mystery.

We'll teach you what represents good quality, and how to care for this mechanical machine of thousands of parts that will produce sounds that can melt your heart.

Each of the links below will take you to a page giving you the information you need to know on that topic. Beneath each link is a general description of what's on that page.

Buying a Piano
General information on buying a piano with topics on student obstacles, professional help, design, humidity, warranty, touch and sound, prices, furniture sytles, and new verses used.

How to Buy a Good Used Piano
Detailed information you can take with you when looking at a used piano. If this is too technical for you, call me with questions or hire a technician to inspect it for you.

Electric or Digital Pianos
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic or digital piano.

Digital Piano Reviews
Digital pianos can be compared by their features and benefits as you would any electronic product. Unlike acoustic pianos every model sounds exactly alike. What I mean by that is that if you choose an XYZ digital piano model AA it will sound exactly like every other XYZ digital piano model AA. When products become so alike - the only difference is between manufacturers and the price.

Go to this webpage to compare digital pianos. We will outline what each piano has and give you some comments by people who have purchased them.

Acoustic Pianos
A little history and lots of piano information on the different kinds of acoustic pianos so you can understand before you go into a piano store what you're looking at. Read this carefully and you will probably know more than the salesman.

Basic Piano Parts
Learn here what the basic parts are in a piano including the soundboard, keys, action, pedals, dampers, hammers, and strings and the function of each.

Piano Care - or - It Needs More Than You Think
This gets into a discussion on the major parts of a piano and what is needed to look after your piano properly. We include piano information on humidity here because this is critical.

Basic Piano Moving
Here is some basic advice concerning piano moving from a company in London, England. We can set up a piano move for you and probably save you a good deal of money. Call us at 519-858-2805