The Pearl River Piano Group Upright & Grand Pianos

Model 108D3 - 43" Contemporary Continental Console

42.5" high 88 Key Continental Console. This style has no front legs, but contrary to other pianos of this style, this piano has wheels that swivel to move the piano around easily. We sell a lot of these to beginners and casual players or those who have space limitations.

Available in High Polished Ebony or Mahogany.

Model 108M2 - 43" Chippendale Console

Same piano on the inside as the 108D3, but with more traditional styling including legs and toe block construction.

Available in High Polished Ebony or Mahogany.

Model 110P2 - 43.5" French Provincial Console

Available in Satin Cherry.

Model 110P5 - 43.5" Italian Provincial Console

Available in Satin Cherry or Walnut.

Model 115E - 45.75" Institutional Piano

Ideal choice for use in schools, churches, recreational centers or any institutional environment as well as a deluxe teaching piano.

Available in Satin Ebony, Satin Walnut, or Satin Oak. Model 115M1 is available in High Polished Ebony or Mahogany.

Model 115P - 45.75" Professional Studio Piano for Home

With all the power of a professional studio piano and styling that will grace the best of homes, this is just a wonderful piano.

Available in Satin Cherry. Available in Satin Walnut on special order.

Model 118E - 47" Classic Upright

This piano can take your budding artist from beginning up to professional. It has touch similar to Yamaha, but the tone is a little more mellow like Kawai.

If you prefer that the piano hinge does not show on the top we can supply you with the 118M. This is the same piano, but the top is completely flat - more room for pictures!

Both available in high polished ebony and mahogany.

Model 120S - 47.5" European Upright

The UP120S was designed to meet the needs of the European Market. The simple, straight yet graceful lines are contemporary. The German designed resonance system provides a mellow tone that is full and clear. A newly designed action provides for a more flexible and comfortable performance. For the money this is a great piano

Available in high polished ebony only.

Model 125M1 - 49" Conservatory Piano

A true conservatory grade piano from the Yamaha/Pearl River joint venture factory. For the price this is the most economical powerhouse in the piano industry. Teachers and technicians have told us this is one fantastic piano for the price. You simply must try this before you buy anything else at twice the price.

Available in high polished ebony only.

Model 130T2 - Euro-designed Professional Upright

Wonderful deep and rich piano sound. The finest upright piano Pearl River builds.

Available in high polished mahogany.

Model GP142 - 4' 7" Euro Baby Grand

Available in High Polished Ebony, Mahogany, or Walnut

Model GP142D - 4' 7" Designer Baby Grand with French Leg

Available in Cherry Satin

Model GP142P1 - 4' 7" Decorative Baby Grand

Available in Walnut Satin

Model GP150 - 5' Petite Grand

Available in High Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, and Satin Cherry

Model GP150D - Designer Petite Grand

Available in Walnut Satin

Model GP159 - 5' 3" Home Baby Grand

Available in High Polished Ebony and Mahogany as well as Satin Ebony and Mahogany.

Model GP170 - 5' 7" Parlour Grand

Available in High Polished Ebony and Mahogany as well as Satin Ebony and Mahogany

Model GP170D - 5' 7" Parlour Grand with Curved Leg

Available in Cherry Satin

Model GP183 - 6' Conservatory Grand

Available in High Polished Ebony

Model GP186 - 6' 3" European Style Silver Plate & Trim

Available in High Polished Ebony

Model GP188 - 6' 4" Professional Grand

Upright Specifications

BACK FRAME: Heavy hard maple backframe in European tradition

PLATE: Sand cast and fully machined with high gloss finish - full perimeter

PINBLOCK: 17 ply hard maple - designed rigidity and superior holding power

TUNING PINS: Chromium plated, thread cut

ACTION: Full size direct blow

ACTION MATERIAL: Select domestic maple coupled with superior space age parts

KEYS: Exclusive Pearl River tri-laminated solid spruce - prevents warping

KEYBED: Traditional frame construction of the finest pine

HAMMERS: 100% virgin wool 18 lb. outer felt and 12 lb. inner felt, T-wired, waterproof

STRINGS: Roslau treble wire (Germany), bass wire hand-wound in European tradition

SOUNDBOARD: 100% Northern mountain grown spruce - vertical grain with surface laminates of spruce to prevent cracking

RIBS: Radius-cut solid spruce ribs, each notched into the back liner of the soundboard

BRIDGES: Cross-laminated hard maple with cantilevered bass bridge

WARRANTY: 10 Years, Parts and Labor

Grand Specifications

CASE: Domestic Panel Stock of the finest quality

BACK FRAME: Multi-radiating spruce posts of the finest quality. Rim construction of the finest walnut and maple hardwoods

PLATE: Custom-cast for each concert grand produced. Hand machined and finished in a 32+ step process.

PINBLOCK: Pearl River custom 21 ply maple. Each pinblock is fitted by hand in the Euro-fashion

TUNING PINS: Finest quality chromium-plated steel pins, thread cut

ACTION: Pearl River sources the finest actions from the world over in addition to constructing our own renowned action

ACTION MATERIAL: Finest maples - hand selected

KEYS: Select all-spruce keys with exclusive trilaminated process

KEYBED: Select fine spruce in a butcher block configuration. All woods hand selected and assembled in the Euro-tradition

HAMMERS: Select 22 lb. virgin wool hammers pressed to Pearl River standards

STRINGS: Roslau imported steel from Germany. Bass wire custom hand wound

SOUNDBOARD: Vertical grain select mountain-grown spruce. Surface veneered with select spruce to prevent cracking

BRIDGES: Highest quality maple bridges custom selected for each model

WARRANTY: 10 years, Parts and Labor