Heintzman Pianos

Heintzman pianos are quality built pianos that the average family can afford.  They were built  in Canada from 1866 until 1986 at which time competition from Asian companies became too much to compete against. 

Taking all of their equipment with them, they relocated the manufacturing plant to Beijing, China and continue to make wonderful pianos with Canadian technical supervision - many of the models still using the original scale designs from Heintzman's illustrious past.  They have also introduced new models with new scale designs to compete in today's piano market with quality pianos at affordable prices.

In 2008 the Heintzman Piano Co. showed off to the world with a performance at the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics.  The above video is of a Heintzman grand piano being played at the opening of the Para Olympic opening ceremonies at the same Olympics. 

Built in 2005, this is the current factory located in Beijing. The previous factory, built in 1989 couldn't keep up to the demand with growth of over 100% per year.  This new factory is an absolute state of the art factory for the production of pianos.

Heintzman & Co is jointly owned by Canadian and Chinese shareholders.  There are two production lines in this factory as well as two divisions of the company.  The Chinese team is responsible for all sales in China while the international team is responsible for all sales outside China in 6 different countries and growing.  Headquarters of the international team is in Vancouver, Canada.

We have had Chinese people come into the store and immediately recognize the name, but not knowing that the company has a Canadian background.  With the Heintzman name they think the company is from Germany.  While Mr. Heintzman came from Germany, he started his piano building in Toronto, Canada.

Below are pictures of various piano experts that frequent the factory to make sure Heintzman pianos retain the quality they are known for.

           Picture of Master Piano Technician Keith Allison while visiting the Heintzman Piano factory in Beijing

Picture of Catherine Bolduc, Master Piano Technician from Pianos Bolduc while visiting the Heintzman factory in Beijing.  Catherine is from Quebec, Canada.

Picture of representatives from the very high quality Mapes string manufacturers of the United States in the Heintzman factory in Beijing.

Picture showing Andre Bolduc of Bolduc Soundboards from Quebec, Canada in the Beijing factory.

Pictures of Mr. James Moffat, Heintzman Factory Chief Engineer.   Picture on the left shows him sitting in front of an antique square grand built by Heintzman in the 1800's.  Notice the name above Mr. Moffatt.  In China, companies are named with the city of production in front of the name.  To the left in the picture, if you look carefully, you can see the words China and Canada underneath the Heintzman logos used in China and Canada.

The picture on the right shows Mr. Moffat checking the work that has been done.

           Master European Technician Thomas Lucki during a visit to the Heintzman Piano Factory in Beijing.