Casio Digital Pianos

Only a few years ago Casio Digital Pianos were considered toys and not real musical instruments. That has definitely changed. For the money, I think these are the best bargains you can find anywhere in a digital piano - as well as some of the best digital pianos available for home use. The touch and tone on these will rival many instruments that cost much more.

All Casio Digital Pianos have 88 full-size weighted keys that change weight from the bass to treble to simulate the feel of a real piano.

The keys are touch sensitive so that the harder they are played the louder the sound which mimics the touch response on a real piano.

Interested in Possibly Buying a Casio Digital Piano?

Casio digital pianos are available in the United States online from Amazon and you can order by clicking here on Casio

If you are living in Canada DO NOT buy from the states - the warranties on electronics are voided if you buy across the border - either way. This is not a warning just so you will buy from us. If you want the better price (perhaps not after customs), you can buy from Amazon - just be aware of the possible warranty problem.

Otherwise, we would be happy to provide a quote for you here in Canada. Please contact us at

We are in the process of providing reviews on Casio digital pianos as well as on all digital pianos as soon as we can. You can see those by clicking on this link for our digital piano reviews.