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I love playing music!

Whether it's a digital or acoustic piano, a clarinet, oboe, trombone or tuba what else can you do in life from age 4 - 97 that can give you so much pleasure and joy as well as keep your mind working?

Music makes a big difference - and particularly if you're the one playing!

I had a 90 year old friend that I used to look after and tune her piano. One day she said to me, "Mr. Plumb, every now and then I start to feel depressed and that's when I go and play. The sadness goes away....and so does the time. I feel sorry for some of my friends...they're so lonely. But I'm not lonely....I have my piano."

And she's right. What's more I'm convinced that people that play a musical instrument throughout their life are nicer people - it's true!

Whether they're rich or poor - people with music in the family are generally nicer, happier people.

If you're an adult and have always wished that you could play the piano - it is NEVER too late. We have a recreational music class for adults who have never played a note before and they are having a blast! From age 20 - 60 - 70 and beyond - if you have never played before you CAN do it - and we GUARANTEE it!

If you're interested in lessons, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the first link at the bottom entitled "Private & Group Music Lessons | Music School".

Think about it - If an instrument lasts 30 years (a very conservative number for a real piano) and you paid say $3,000 - that's less than $10 per month. Your coffee habit costs you much more than that. Your home insurance costs more per year than it costs to enjoy those white and black keys - and other instruments like a guitar or flute can cost a lot less!

What else can you buy in this world that gives so much pleasure and costs so little?

You can get a beginner digital piano that almost feels and sounds like a real one for under $600 or you can rent one for only $35/month or a guitar for under $10/month. You can buy a stunning looking little baby grand for as little as $7,000 or a concert grand over 9' long for as much as $120,000 and everything in-between.

That's what we're for. We're here to help you find THE one - either a digital or acoustic piano that's for you or your family. We're here to help you bring a little harmony into your home as well as some of life's finest moments.

Then you can play when you're down or when you're up and feel better both times. Or you can be the proud parent at the music recital. (I find I get as emotional as the parents at our music recitals)

Did I mention that playing a musical instrument helps people succeed in life - it's a fact!

And I have the privilege to be a small cog in this wonderful process of fulfillment in life.

Now, I didn't find this wonderful business until I was 46 - I was out of a job. I was desperate. My doctor told me I had to get out of the insurance business or the stress would kill me.

What could I do to make a living that I would actually enjoy? I had played the piano since I was five - not real well mind you - but well enough to enjoy playing almost every day of my life. I learned saxophone at age 9, and oboe at age 12. Music is my thing. So I remembered the tuner that came to our house when I was a kid. I phoned him and asked if he thought I could make a living tuning pianos starting at my age. "Why not?" was his reply. The rest is history.

Want some advice? Looking for lessons? Need to understand something about pianos? Want to buy an acoustic or digital? Need one tuned, repaired, fixed, or refinished? Call me, send me an email, look through this website. Ask your neighbour, a music teacher, another technician - they'll tell you I'll help...no strings attached. Well - I guess I would appreciate it if you do buy from someone else, maybe you'll let me tune it!

So - Let us help you and your children have the privilege of enjoying and making music throughout your whole life.


Paul Plumb

Private & Group Music Lessons | Music School
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